Your Solution for IT Asset Disposition

We aim to reduce waste and avoid pollution


Full service e-waste management for all your IT assets

We Offer Comprehensive Recycling Services


We aim to create long-term value through the implementation of a business strategy that focuses on the ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business.

We Help You Build A Greener Business.


IT Asset Management

We offer complete IT asset management services, from collection to recycling.


Business Solutions

We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


Quality Services

We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

Welcome to TIJEP International Electronics

We are a Leading Global IT Asset Management Company, Committed to The Environment

We work with you to ensure your IT Assets are remarketed and recycled properly.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive Management of your IT Assets, responsible recycling of your obsolete electronics, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

We collect and manage all of your used IT Assets
Data Destruction
We destroy all your data, giving you the peace of mind you need
Recycling Services
We ensure all your unwanted IT assets are recycled responsibly
We test all equipment, erase any data, refurbish and resell items to help protect the environment
Quality Audits
We perform quality audits on your IT assets to ensure you get the most out of your equipment
Protecting the environment one device at a time

Circular Economy

We support the circular economy by ensuring we keep as much equipment as possible in use.